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Costa Rica BioHealth is committed to providing a holistic approach to dental rehabilitation and enhancing the immune system. Led by industry-leading experts, our program goes beyond mere dental health restoration. We deliver biological treatment planning and meticulous follow-up, ensuring a well-rounded experience for our patients. Furthermore, our protocols are customized to address the unique health requirements of each individual, promoting overall well-being.

At the heart of the Costa Rica BioHealth concept is the elimination of oral interference fields, which account for up to 70% of chronic conditions. By targeting and eliminating these problematic areas, we make significant progress in the prevention and alleviation of various long-term health issues.

The All-In-One Concept

Experience the revolutionary All-In-One Concept, a ground-breaking approach to dental rehabilitations. Say goodbye to long healing processes and multiple sessions. This innovative concept provides an unprecedented opportunity to resolve all your dental issues in a single sequence.

With the All-In-One Concept, we can swiftly remove interference fields and seamlessly replace them with ceramic implants. In record time, you’ll enjoy the benefits of metal-free, fixed teeth, restoring your full functionality, and giving you a brilliant smile once again. Embrace this transformative solution and embark on a swift, biological dental transformation journey.

Metal Removal

The core principle of the Costa Rica BioHealth Concept is centered around metal-free dentistry. In this innovative approach, ceramic implants are used to revolutionize complex implantological dental rehabilitation, often completed in a single session. These ceramic implants have a neutral composition that seamlessly integrates with the body, promoting biological harmony. As a result, they offer immediate relief to the immune system and can be fitted with long-lasting temporaries that boast both exceptional aesthetics and stability.

Costa Rica BioHealth Concept Treatment Journey:


Our experienced dentists conduct a biological assessment, examining your oral health and taking a detailed medical history. This allows an accurate diagnosis of your condition and customization of a treatment plan suited to your specific needs.

Immunological Preparation and Follow-Up

In line with the Costa Rica BioHealth Concept, our priority is thorough immunological preparation before and after surgery. The focus is on boosting your immune system through detoxification and vitamin D3 supplementation, both prior to and beyond the surgical period, ensuring optimal readiness for treatment.

Dental Rehabilitation

The process of metal rehabilitation is initiated by removing harmful substances like amalgam and titanium. Additionally, various issues are addressed, including root-treated and infected teeth, root residues, wisdom teeth complications, osteonecrosis, and foreign bodies. Once these concerns are resolved, a long-term temporary prosthesis is placed. After successful healing, the temporary restoration is replaced with beautiful and durable ceramic crowns, leading to a long-lasting and visually pleasing outcome.

The convergence of biological medicine and biological dentistry presents patients with a unique opportunity for deep and biological healing. This integrated approach is the most effective means of addressing the alarming surge in chronic illnesses. By identifying and eliminating potential interferences in the oral and jaw region, the immune system is relieved of unnecessary burdens. Furthermore, the application of biological agents promotes enhanced healing and fosters long-term health outcomes.

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