Titanium Implant Removal

Titanium implants are commonly used in dentistry as dental prostheses when teeth are lost. They are inserted into the jawbone and have several advantages such as quick and strong integration with the bone, as well as being cost-effective. However, issues can arise with titanium implants, particularly related to allergies and intolerance. When this happens, titanium implants release titanium oxide particles into the surrounding tissue, triggering different reactions in individuals. One form of intolerance results in “particle-induced inflammation,” accompanied by symptoms like chronic fatigue, skin problems, insomnia, difficulty concentrating, increased susceptibility to infections, headaches, facial pain, heightened inflammation, and gum inflammation, which can contribute to heart disease.

Costa Rica BioHealth offers a revolutionary metal extraction process that allows for the removal of titanium implants without placing any stress on the body. Unlike traditional methods, this process minimizes the risk of causing bone defects, making it possible to unscrew the implants from the bone. Once the titanium implants are removed, a fully ceramic implant can be directly inserted without compromising the patient’s health.

By replacing titanium with ceramic implants, not only does this procedure save time, but it also prevents bone loss as the new implant can be screwed into the same bone cavity. Moreover, the gums have the remarkable ability to grow onto ceramic implants, creating a seal that blocks the “immunological gateway.” This barrier prevents bacteria from easily invading and ensures a higher level of oral health.

In addition to functional benefits, ceramic implants have a distinct aesthetic advantage over titanium implants. The white color of ceramic implants enhances the overall appearance, offering a more natural and pleasing result.

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