Root Canal Removal

Root canal teeth, in certain cases, may become reinfected.

After a root canal procedure, the living part of the tooth dies, and an inorganic material fills the space. It is impossible to completely clean and sterilize a root canal treated tooth.

Possible symptoms include:

  • Evidence of acute infection, such as bone loss observed in a dental x-ray. Bone loss indicates the presence of bacteria, fungus, and your immune system causing damage to the bone.
  • The presence of pain while biting, indicating acute infection and inflammation in the bone and gum surrounding the root canal tooth.
  • Swelling, which suggests that bacteria have multiplied significantly, spreading to other areas like the mouth, cheek, or sinus.
  • A foul smell from the root canal tooth, usually caused by gases produced by bacteria and fungus within the tooth.
  •  Significant darkening of the root canal tooth, which typically indicates a high presence of bacteria and fungus. Dark teeth often leak higher numbers of bacteria and fungus, posing a considerable risk of abscess.
  • Any systemic illness that could potentially result from the root canal procedure.

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