Bone Reconstruction – Sinus lift

To promote bone augmentation, certain measures may be required if there is insufficient bone present for implant placement in the jaw. In cases where patients have had a tooth extracted using a method not aligned with the Costa Rica BioHealth concept, bone augmentation procedures are often necessary. However, by employing immediate implantation, the need for bone augmentation measures can typically be avoided. Immediate implantation enhances bone metabolism, activates the meridians, and accelerates the healing of the implant within the extraction socket.

When bone augmentation is deemed necessary, a technique called sinus elevation, or sinus lift, is employed. This specialized surgical procedure is used in jaw surgery to thicken the overly thin bony floor of the maxillary sinus.

During a sinus elevation procedure, the bony floor of the maxillary sinus, which hosts the dental roots of the upper molar teeth, is delicately separated from the surrounding bone through a small opening. It is then gently lifted, and the resulting cavity is filled with bone replacement material. The natural bone can then integrate with this replacement material, leading to an increase in bone volume and enabling the secure embedding of implants.
Various sinus lift methods are available, depending on the amount of remaining bone substance.

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