Extraction of Impacted Wisdom Tooth

Displaced wisdom teeth refer to wisdom teeth that are not properly positioned or erupt in the wrong direction. The lack of space in the jaw often leads to this problem. The misaligned teeth can put pressure on adjacent teeth, potentially causing harm, so it is generally recommended to have them removed.Retained wisdom teeth, on the other hand, are teeth that have only partially erupted. They can cause gum inflammation, swelling, pain, and difficulty in swallowing. Extraction is often advised for impacted wisdom teeth.

According to the Costa Rica BioHealth Concept, which follows biological dentistry principles, displaced wisdom teeth are removed carefully while preserving the bone. The goal is to perform a minimally invasive surgical intervention by making smaller incisions. In contrast, traditional dentistry may involve larger, more invasive incisions, leading to significant swelling and poorer healing. This can result in inflammation known as ischemic necrosis following wisdom tooth extractions.

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