Metal Removal

The presence of heavy metals in the body can have adverse effects on the nervous system and overall health. Metal components can be detected throughout the body shortly after they are inserted in the oral cavity, and there have been scientific findings of cytotoxic, immunological, and carcinogenic effects of metals like mercury, gold, platinum, copper, cobalt, aluminum, iron, and chromium.

The presence of metals can affect the body in various ways:

  • Toxicity: Metal toxicity occurs as toxic metals bind to proteins, enzymes, and cell membranes, impairing their function and placing stress on the body.
  • Immunology: Metal molecules are recognized as foreign bodies by the immune system, triggering an immune reaction.
  • Radiation: Metals in the mouth can conduct electrical currents, resulting in the scattering of electromagnetic radiation in an era of high wireless connectivity

Metal removal is a method used to eliminate toxic metals from the body, easing the strain on the immune system and reducing interactions with electromagnetic fields.

Costa Rica BioHealth and biological dentistry prioritize the removal of harmful metals from the oral cavity, replacing them with long-lasting transitional prostheses.

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