Ischemic Osteonecrosis Cavitation Surgery

Osteonecrosis of the jaw, also known as ischemic osteonecrosis (IO) or NICO (“neuralgia-inducing cavitational osteonecrosis”), is a condition characterized by inflammation and potential destruction of the jawbone. It often occurs following tooth extraction, injuries, or radiation therapy, particularly in cancer treatment. In some cases, the cause may be unknown. If left untreated, osteonecrosis of the jaw can result in significant physical and mental symptoms. The typical approach for treating NICO involves removing the necrotic bone and surrounding affected areas, along with pre-and post-treatment to strengthen the immune system.


We offer a groundbreaking approach to treating ischemic osteonecrosis through NICO, or ischemic osteonecrosis, is a common occurrence associated with wisdom teeth. In Western industrial countries, wisdom teeth often pose a problem due to a shorter breastfeeding time, which results in the jaw not growing large enough. As a result, there is not enough space for the wisdom teeth to erupt, leading to the frequent need for surgical removal between the ages of 12 and 20. Unfortunately, during this procedure, the wound is often incompletely cleaned, and oral antibiotics are administered, which can weaken the immune system and cause significant swelling. These factors can hinder complete healing of the bone defect and contribute to the development of ischemic osteonecrosis. In fact, around 90% of all wisdom teeth operations result in NICO.our Costa Rica BioHealth Concept. Unlike non-invasive or partially invasive treatments, our method involves a minimally invasive, atraumatic, yet radical surgical removal of the NICO (neuralgia-induced cavitational osteonecrosis). This unique approach is capable of bringing complete healing to the affected area.

By employing our concept, not only can ischemic osteonecrosis be effectively treated, but also the associated symptoms and diseases, such as nerve pain, facial pain, rheumatism, or Lyme disease, can be significantly reduced or even completely eliminated. Our biological approach ensures that patients receive the most effective and innovative treatment available.

At Costa Rica BioHealth our goal is to improve oral health, prevent further infection, and alleviate any associated symptoms.

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