Porcelain Veneers – Cosmetic dentistry, a smile rejuvenation.

Aesthetic dentistry focuses on enhancing the appearance of teeth by ensuring they are not only beautiful, but also healthy and functionally harmonious within the dental arch of both the upper and lower jaw. The importance of aesthetic dentistry lies in the fact that appealing teeth play a significant role in people’s lives. They contribute to self-confidence, overall well-being, and the quality of life. It is only natural to strive for a radiant smile, and aesthetic dentistry provides various solutions to correct any imperfections.

We offer EMAX full porcelain veneers and milled Zirconia veneers, in addition to our other services.

Having healthy, vibrant-looking gingiva and bright white teeth is often seen as a reflection of overall health, vitality, enthusiasm for life, and confidence. Unfortunately, gingiva diseases can have negative effects such as scarring, discoloration, swelling, or gingiva recession, which can greatly diminish the overall aesthetic appeal of the gingiva.
As part of the Costa Rica BioHealth, we prioritize preventive measures, professional dental cleaning, and targeted treatment of periodontitis to ensure optimal gingiva aesthetics. Additionally, our professional bio-bleaching services gently lighten teeth and restore their natural white color, effectively eliminating simple discolorations on the tooth surfaces.

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