Glutathione and Mega Dose of Vitamin C

Glutathione is an antioxidant known as “the master antioxidant” or “the master molecule.” It plays a crucial role in many bodily functions, such as immune support, anti-aging, and more. However, because glutathione is typically not well-absorbed by the body, intravenous administration of glutathione is an ideal way to incorporate this potent antioxidant into your health and wellness routine.

In this infusion, you will find a mixture of the two best natural antioxidants, which will help you keep your skin impeccable, hydrated, healthy, and rejuvenated, as well as giving you a boost of energy to start your day in the best way.

Glutation + Mega Dose of Vitamin C + MG + HCO3

Glutathione: A natural antioxidant, can protect and renew our body’s cells against oxidative stress caused by environmental and physical factors over the years.

Vitamin C: Provides a boost of energy to our body, helps to detoxify our body, and provides a boost to our immune system.

Magnesium: This mineral provides muscle relaxation and repair, helping speedy post-workout recovery and lowering blood pressure, as well as participating in important cellular processes.

Bicarbonate: The presence of this important electrolyte in the body promotes a reduction in muscle acidity levels, which is able to delay fatigue and increase the production of muscle strength.

This infusion contains a mixture of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and amino acids that can aid in the speedy cellular recovery of your body. It is particularly helpful after surgery, exhaustive physical training, medical treatments, or a long day of work or study.

Mega dose of Vitamin C and Vitamin B12

n this infusion, you can obtain a mixture of vitamins and electrolytes necessary to improve immune function, which enhances the body’s ability to protect itself, fight infections, heal efficiently, repair cells, and recover faster.

Vitamin C provides an extra shot of energy, detoxifies the body, and boosts the immune system.

Vitamin B12 is necessary for the normal functioning of the nerves. In addition, it is extremely important in the formation and maturation of red blood cells, and in the synthesis of DNA.

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